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As Afacan Plastik, we expect our employees;

to create added value, to communicate effectively within their own departments and with other departments,
to reach the level of competence determined by senior management with the training support we will provide.

For a new position or a vacant position, an announcement is published in the electronic environment and on the boards within the company, and a candidate search is made within the existing organization. In the event that a candidate who meets the necessary conditions cannot be found within the organization, the personnel recruitment process is initiated externally (through, newspaper advertisement, HR consultancy firms).

In job interviews, candidates are subjected to a personality inventory and a foreign language exam (written and orally), and a reference check is made before the candidate is offered a recruitment proposal.

You can access the job application form required for joining the Afacan Plastik family here, or send an e-mail to for your further questions about job application.

In line with the increasing competition conditions, we aim to increase the competencies and professional skills of our staff so that they can perform high-level performance, and in this direction, we offer them continuous training opportunities.

1.Orientation Training: This is a training that is applied to the newly recruited personnel by the Human Resources Department and provides information about the company culture, organizational structure and management style.

2.Occupational Trainings: These are programs to increase the level of knowledge and skills that the staff will need in fulfilling their responsibilities in the job definition.

3.Personal Development Trainings: These are programs that aim to improve the personal competence level of the staff.

Our training programs are planned annually based on the results of the “Training Needs Analysis” and “Performance Evaluation” studies and are organized with the use of internal trainers or outsourcing.

Afacan Plastik wage and performance evaluation system is based on an externally competitive and inwardly harmonious system based on our staff’s competencies, duties & responsibilities they assume, educational levels and work experience.

While wages for an employee within the structure of Afacan Plastik are evaluated according to the wage-scale that is specified according to the conditions came out both in the market and in the company, the performance is credited as the reward of the extra effort made by all personnel during the year.

Das Bewerbungsformular, das Sie für die Aufnahme in die Afacan Plastik-Familie benötigen, finden Sie hier und für Ihre weiteren Fragen zur Bewerbung unter
Sie können eine E-Mail an die Adresse senden.


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